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Learn more about the origins of the term "gourmet", related cooking techniques, and the people in Haute Cuisine with online catalogue Restaurant Varna!

The term "gourmet" is a cultural ideal associated with the culinary art of good food and drink, or the so-called Haute Cuisine, which is characterized by a complex preparation process and serving of long, slow meal with small portions but rich and intensive of taste. According to online catalogue Restaurant Varna, the term "gourmet" and related practices are commonly used in a positive sense or to describe people of refined taste and passion for exquisite cuisine.

As "gourmet" we first qualify a specific type of restaurant, cuisine, food or ingredient with a very high quality, a special way of serving food or culinary sophistication.

Online catalogue Restaurant Varna informs that the term "gourmet" may also refer to a person with a refined taste, familiar with the art of making refined foods and food combinations.

According to online catalogue Restaurant Varna, some events such as wine tastings are organized especially for people who consider themselves gourmets or gourmet connoisseurs. Nowadays, there are many TV programs and TV channels devoted to various culinary themes, aimed not so much to people from professional backgrounds as chefs but to a wider audience who is interested in culinary diversity and gourmet cuisine in general.

Online catalogue Restaurant Varna informs that the exquisite taste and love for good food have found their place in the literary world where countless books, publications, articles, essays and interviews echo the glorious anthem of gourmet culture.

The so-called gourmet tourism is another, and not small, niche in the industry serving people with an interest in good food and drink.

Friends of refined taste tend to take a trip to another city, another country or even another continent in order to taste the joys of a foreign gourmet culture. According to online catalogue Restaurant Varna, culinary tourism includes wine tastings as well as visits in foreign restaurants which usually are set in breathtaking locations or recreation areas.
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